Martina Sönksen is a Brazilian screenwriter and filmmaker.

Her credits include SOBREPOSTAS (2021) a 13 Episode TV Show on Canal Brasil about trans and cis female sexuality; The Karma Killings (2016), available on Amazon Prime Video, selected by DOCS MX, DOCS Valéncia and recommended by Film Bazaar; The Pigeon Kings of Brooklyn (2015) was featured on, chosen as Staff Pick on Vimeo and selected by Brooklyn Academy of Music/BAM to be exhibited at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Free Summer Movie 2015. As a subtitle translator she worked in projects for VICE on HBO, VICE NEWS and VICELAND.

Before working in film, she worked as a Creative Planner @ Publicis Brasil. 

She was a 2020 fellow at the BRIClab Film+TV along with her partners Juliana Curi, Lívia Cheibub and João Henrique Kurtz with the feature documentary UYRA - The Rising Forest (2022), granted by Doc Society Climate Story Fund in 2021. 

She lived in Brooklyn NY from 2010 to 2020 and she’s currently living in São Paulo.